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Story of the Vine 1901
Wine Origin & Varieties 1894
Origin & Varieties of Wine 1872
History of Modern Wines 1851

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Chats about Wine 1908
Recognition of Wines 1900
Wine Classification 1892
Hand-Book of Wines 1852
Wine Merchant's Companion 1839
Wine-Drinker's Manual 1830
Complete Cellarman 1830

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English Wine Trade History 1907
Mfg... of Foreign Wines 1860
French Wines & Vineyards 1860
Bordeaux Wines & Claret 1846
Vineyards of Spain & France 1834
The European Vine 1834

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US Grape-Growing Manual 1919
The Grape in Kansas 1901
American Vines 1901
American Grape Training 1893
US Grapes & Wine-Making 1883
Mfg of American Wines 1866
US Grapes & Wine Making 1858
US Grape Grower's Guide 1856
Cultivation of Vine in US 1823

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California Grapes 1922
California Vine Disease 1910
Vineyards in Napa County 1893
Vineyards in Sonoma County 1893
Calif Wine Makers Directory 1891
Wine Making in California 1888
Illustrated US Grape Vines 1883
American Wine Making 1867

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Viticulture in New Zealand 1906
The Vine in Australia 1861
Grape-Vine in AUS & NZL 1843

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Home Made Wine Recipes 1909
Wine-Sterilizing Machines 1901
Vinegar... Cider, Fruit-Wine 1889
Fermentation Methods 1888
Wine, Vine & Cellar 1863
Grape Culture, Wine-Making 1861
Chemistry of Wine 1857
Wine Use & Taxation 1855
Culture Vine, Make Wine 1825

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Viticulture 1905
Modern Viticulture 1902
Vine Trenching & Subsoiling 1901
Book of the Grape 1901
Grafting & Budding 1901
Vines & Vine Culture 1892
Report of the Viticultural Work 1892
Viticulture of Claret 1884
Hand-Book of Grape Culture 1867
Culture of the Grape 1867
Vineyard Culture Improved 1867
Vine Culture Under Glass 1866
Culture of the Vine 1862
Open Air Grape Culture 1862
Vine-Dresser's Manual 1859
The Cold Grapery 1853
Grape Vine on Open Walls 1845
Our Hardy Grapes 1843

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Alcoholic Fermentation 1914
Fermentation Organisms 1903
Results of Fermentations 1903
Fermentation Lab Handbook 1903
Technical Mycology 1903
Ferments & Actions 1901
Soluble Ferments 1901
Microbes & Fermentation 1900
Studies in Fermentation 1896
On Fermentation 1889
Methods of Fermentation 1888
Studies on Fermentation 1879
On Fermentation 1876

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The Brewer's Analyst 1907
Science of Brewing 1891
Microscope in Brewery 1889
Practical Brewing 1885
Practical Brewer 1852
Treatise on Brewing 1849
Practice of Brewing 1846
Mash Tun Secrets 1847
Brewing & Storing Beer 1835
Remarks on Brewing 1807

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Continental Beer 1914
In Praise of Ale 1888
Beer Statistical Sketch 1874

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What Should We Drink? 1868
How to Mix Drinks 1862
Inebriating Liquors Mfg & Use 1838
Mysteries of Trade 1825

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TIME Magazine, May 16, 1949, p. 33:

RUSSIA: The Stars Fell Down
    When he first sipped champagne in the late 17th Century, the Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon cried rapturously: "Oh, come quickly! I'm drinking stars!"

    Like most of history's great inventions, champagne was probably not created suddenly by one man; it was slowly bubbled into being. But Pérignon, who was head cellarer at the Abbey of Hautvillers in northern France, is generally considered history's greatest champagne pioneer. Almost singlehanded, he founded France's flourishing champagne industry. Under his guidance, the making of champagne became at once a science and an art. Vintaging operations each fall virtually came to require the discipline and organization of an army. A decent bottle of Veuve Clicquot or Piper-Heidsieck takes years of care.

    Last week, Moscow had some news that would have horrified Dom Pérignon. Triumphantly the Wine Industry Administration announced that it had discovered a Stakhanovite process for making champagne which would bring it from grape to palate in 45 days.*

    In the Russian Caucasus, viniculturists like Armenian Marker Grigoryan have been producing champagne by more generally accepted methods. By the new process, for which Chemist Frolov-Bagreev received a Stalin Prize, the champagne will be speedily fermented in giant 1,300-gallon containers. A new factory--"the largest in Europe"--will be specially built in Moscow. Its products will include white champagne, as well as sweet and demi-sweet champagne.

    The average Russian is not likely to be jubilant over the news. Champagne has long been used to wash down caviar at official Soviet blowouts. But at 80 rubles a bottle (the equivalent of three day's average pay), champagne for Ivan is still as unattainable as the stars.

*Properly, champagne is fermented and aged in wooden casks through the winter, then pumped into large blending vats where rock candy is added to induce fermentation. The brew is then bottled and corked. The bottles are stacked on their sides for two or three years, then restacked cork down. Daily, an expert workman grasps and shakes each bottle, thus precipitating the sediment onto the cork. Five or more years after the date of the vintage, the bottle is recorked for shipment. Speedup methods have long been used by U.S. companies. The trick consists largely in maintaining vat temperatures at 70° F., thereby stimulating the action of tiny, fungus-like organisms known as sacchanomycetes [saccharomyces], which cause fermentation.
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